"Scolding Marcella"

A Special Guestbook letter from

Kris Alexander
Hollister, Missouri
March 2012
Scolding Marcella

Dear Gayle,
Where do I begin?
Working with you as you created “Scolding Marcella” #1 has been pure joy.
Knowing she would be a big project and would take some time to complete could have been a bit daunting but you made waiting for her a delight by sending regular detailed emails and photos along the way so I could share in all the steps it took for you to create this unbelievably beautiful doll.
I simply can’t stop looking at her!!!

Many months ago when I saw on your website that you were going to create her I knew I just had to have her!
The story of Raggedy Ann and the dolls getting in the pantry and getting jam all over them has always been one of my favorite Johnny Gruelle stories.
The picture in the story of Marcella scolding Raggedy Ann for getting jam all over herself has always been my favorite illustration by him as well.
There is just something so precious about the angelic look on both of their faces
as Marcella ever so gently “scolds” her beloved Raggedy Ann. No little doll could ever looked so innocent having just been caught as Raggedy Ann does in this picture and it just makes me love her all the more!

The love that you put into creating this wonderful Marcella doll, makes her “just come to life“!!!

I can only feel that you were truly inspired by the infinite love Johnny Gruelle had for his daughter as you created this doll in her likeness and that he must be very pleased with her as well.

Marcella is the crowning glory to my Raggedy Ann collection and she will truly be a cherished and treasured heirloom for years to come.
That I was fortunate enough to find you, Gayle, and now be the proud owner of your 1st edition of “Scolding Marcella” is truly an honor and a blessing to me.
The workmanship you used in creating her and your attention to every detail is truly amazing and unmatched in the doll world and I have been a collector for more than fifty years.
With the addition of this beautiful Marcella doll I can truly feel that my “Raggedy” collection is now complete.

I simply can’t thank you enough for all the love and tremendous artistic talent you put forth in creating ”Scolding Marcella” #1.

You can be assured she will always be respected for the “work of art” that she is
and she will be loved beyond measure.
Again, thank you with all my heart, and my very best “Raggedy Wishes” to you and yours always,

Kris Alexander

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