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City and State:Sanger CA
Comments:Hey !! Looks Great!

City and State:FRESNO CA
Comments:I think My MeMe's dolls are Wonderful!

Name:Bonnie Forbes-Mills
City and State:Jefferson, NY
Comments:Great work Gayle, I be visiting often. I just love the kids!!! Keep up the good work, Bonnie

Name:Cindy Merzon
City and State:Clovis, CA
Comments:Gayle -- I am impressed with your web page design and doll making talents! Thanks for sharing your web address with me. Cindy

City and State:TN
Comments:Hi - just stopped in to check out your site from the Raggedy Friends webring ~ what beautiful work you do! I'm very impressed :0) We'd be glad to have you join us...

City and State:Port Huron, Michigan
Comments:It's a wonderful site, your dolls are so wonderful!!! :)

City and State:Mid-Hudson Valley, New York
Comments:I really enjoyed looking at your dolls. They are wonderful! You do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing them with the Yahoo Raggedy Club! Raggedy regards, Carol

City and State:Abilene, Texas
Comments:Gayle, thank you mightily, for continuing the legend of these much loved, special dolls, by your wonderful creations of them!!! And thank you "big time," for the gift of allowing us to purchase these sweet dolls!! Two thumbs up "raggedy girl" for a job well done, and a blue ribbon for "sharing." smiles, Loretta (raggedyheart of the Raggedy Ann/Andy Collectors Clulb)

City and State:Aurora, Colorado
Comments:Hi Gayle, it's me baquilter101, the fellow grandmother from Country Cloth Dolls club. I'm impressed with your site. I was wondering if you use a pattern and which one? I use a McCall's pattern and my Raggedy Ann looks just like yours. I am truly curious. I don't know a lot about the Raggedy characters. Where can I find more information as to the history and story about it's original creation? Keep up the good work. Bonnie

Name:Sonia Brock (Netchess)
City and State:Toronto, Ontario & Country Cloth Dolls
Comments:Saw your message on Yahoo's Country Cloth Dolls and found your site. I given your site a Link on my Vintage dolls page at because I like your work very much.

City and State:TX
Comments:You have done a wonderful job on your web site. I love your dolls, you are very talented. your friend, Dorothy

Name:Kathy (bervinsgirl)
City and State:U.S. Alabama
Comments:I really like your dolls, as I design and make my own, also. You are very talented. Keep up the good work, and good luck from a fellow clothe doll maker....kathy

City and State:Palmdale, California
Comments:Hi Gayle - Your raggedies are just adorable. Looks like you put a lot of time and love into each one. Wishing you much success and lots of sales.

City and State:Yorba Linda, CA. 92886
Comments:Hi ~ Just dropping by - your site is Great! Will visit often! Thanks for letting me know where to find all the beautiful dolls.

City and State:Northern Illinois
Comments:Great dolls, Gayle! Thanks for the link--I will visit again!!! Jane (Myhilda)

Name:Orville & Wilbur
City and State:Birthplace of Aviation
Comments:Hi Gayle! Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous!!!! You are a very talented lady! We'll be back to visit often. writebrothers & Tom

City and State:melbourne,Victoria
Comments:Just lovely Gayle, great work. i can see you love your work it shows in the dolls you make ! keep weaving that doll magic!!
City and State:Melbourne Australia
Comments:Loved your site its many lovely to see many nice dolls. It was is nice to welcome you to the group. We hope you enjoy our emails, chats and swaps. Wram regards lorraine

Name:Cristy Ping
City and State:Clinton, TN
Comments:Hi Gayle! Homepage looks great!! I love my Cleety. Take care, Cristy

Name:Pamela Pillitteri
City and State:Robbinsville, N.J. 08691
Comments:Hi Gail, Congradulations on your new Web page. I have enjoyed thouroughly my "Beautiful Dolls" I have purchased from you, they are of the utmost quality. Hope to continue the excitement of collecting your wonderful dolls. Much Thanx, Pam

Name:Raggedy Janet
City and State:
Comments:You do GREAT work!!!! I wish I could make Raggedies like this!
City and State:port clinton , ohio

Name:Janice Labrosse
City and State:Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Comments:Great Web Site! Your Raggedies are beautiful!!

Name:Nancy (Raggedykn)
City and State:Houston, Tx
Comments:Thanks for sharing your wonderful dolls with the Yahoo Raggedy Ann collectors club. I am really impressed by your character dolls!! Makes me want to dig out the old sewing machine.....nah, I'd rather buy yours!! Keep up the good work. Raggedy Hugs, Nancy

Name:Christine Cason
City and State:Desert Hot Springs, CA
Comments:Great site! From Sgt Will, Christian Dollmakers Group

City and State:

City and State:Arkansas
Comments:I'll be coming back often. Just love Raggedy Ann & Andy!!

City and State:Garden Grove CA
Comments:Hi, I got my little dolls and they are darling. They were a little sick, they said the ride was soooo fast... I have them sitting at the kitchen table watching me cook... I love them. You did a great job. All the details on their face are darling and the little ones have so much too. Thanks you so much, and I just know I am going to want more clothes, so rest up....Love, Linda

City and State:Ohio
Comments:(Henny&Frederika, Uncle Clem, Percy Policeman,Cleety Clown) Hi Gayle: They have just arrived and I love them. Your work is wonderful. I've been a dressmaker,teddy bear maker, and now quilter for forty years and I've seen none better than yours! Thanks so much for the great work. Thanks and Happy Holidays, Nancy

Name:elin thiesen
City and State:Norway
Comments:I was in as nr.500-nice things.I`ll be back. Happy new year!

Name:mandy heller
City and State:huntsville,alabama
Comments:You have a great web page!! Your dolls are beautiful and look just like the story books.I have seen some of the old dolls and your dolls look just like them!Uncle Clem is my favorite and looks like the ones in collector magazines!

City and State:
Comments: I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your Knickerbocker Belindy. I probably won't be lucky enough to win her, but I had to let you know how much I admired your item(s). Keep 'em coming. (someday!!) Take care. Perspective buyer: Robin

Name:Patti V.
City and State:
Comments:Hi Gayle: I came across you're website and all I can say is that your dolls are beautiful. I'm slowly starting a collection of Raggedy Ann dolls. Until today, I never heard of "Beloved Belindy". I would like to know how I can order her from you. Thanks, Patti

Name:Cynthia Van Cise
City and State:Brownsville, Texas
Comments:Hi Gayle, Glady you are enjoying what you like to do. Those Belindy's are beautiful they are the best e-bay has to offer. I will be buying one soon.

City and State:Felisha76
Comments:Oh, I love your Beloved Belindy!!!!!!!!!

Name:Norma Haley
City and State:Newport News, Virginia
Comments:Gayle, Your site Is wonderful!!!! Oh MY, The Raggedy Charactors are great and I just have to have them ALL!!!!! Hugs, Norma

Name:Martha Boyd
City and State:Hot Springs, Arkansas
Comments:Your dolls are beautiful and very well made. Best of luck to you!!

City and State:Greenville, S.C.
Comments:Hi Gayle, We love our Beloved Belindy doll! Your workmanship is superior! You have a great website, which we will visit often! Thanks again!

Name:Christine Simpson
City and State:Shepherd, Montana
Comments:Your dolls are amazing looking! I am looking forward to ordering from you!

Name:Carol Sullivan
City and State:Butler, Wi. 53007
Comments:12925 W. Lancaster is address Sweeter than the Georgenes. I'd love one. I don't own any manufactured ones, but several handcrafted. Have the Volland

City and State:FRESNO, CALIF.

Name:Sherry Francis
City and State:New Bedford, Mass.
Comments:Gayle your dolls are so beautiful! Every one is so full of love! You have given them life and happiness....just look at their smiles!

City and State:Port Huron, Michigan U.S.A
Comments:I got Belindy and the blue camel for my birthday and I can tell you what an awesome job Gayle does-they're beautiful!!!! Thank you Gayle!

Name:Nancy Hoggatt
City and State:Mooresville, IN 46158
Comments:Gayle, You are clearly very talented. I will pass this information on to my doll collector friends. Thanks for sharing this with me.

Name:Teresa Martin
City and State:Louisville, Ky.
Comments:I just love anything that has to do with Raggedy Ann. I have just recently started to make some of my own dolls. I love your dolls. Could you send me a price list. Thank you. My e-mail is

Name:Venita Patzell
City and State:Manhattan, Kansas
Comments:I think your dolls are EXACTLY what I have been looking for!! Thank you for your prompt reply to my e-mail. I will back in contact with you soon. Thanks again, Venita Patzell

Name:mary donahue
City and State:coral gables, florida
Comments:I love your dolls and am interested in purchasing snitznoodle. is it available and what is the cost. also what about the camel with the wrinkled knees?

Name:Dawn Krayna
City and State:Clarence Center, New York
Comments:I love anything having to do with raggedyann & friends. I collect books dolls, & anything else i can get.Your dolls are wonderful & you really capture the raggedy look.I will be back to visit.

Name:Mrs. Novice Tavarez
City and State:Friant, CA
Comments:I saw your dolls at the Fresno Fair, they're beautiful. Do you offer classes? If so, please contact me at my mailing address; Novice Tavarez, PO Box 512, Friant, CA 93626 Ph# 559-822-2635 Thank you, Mrs. Novice Tavarez

Name:Gary Hackler
City and State:Wallins, Ky
Comments:Do you have any Beloved Belindy for sale?

Name:Mary Jean
City and State:Orlando Florida
Comments:Very nice to "meet" you. Your dolls are fabulous. I also make and love the raggedies and you do a wonderful job. "See" you on Yahoo group. I'm glad I got to see your dolls.

Name:Linda Klompus
City and State:Garden Grove, CA
Comments:I just had to write a note about Gayle. She just finished my Gingerbread Lady (new for her) and Santa (another new one) and they are absolutely beautiful! She is a master at what she does and the joy she brings to my home is timeless. I hope she will post a picture of them so you all can enjoy... Linda

Name:Esther Boranian
City and State:Fresno, CA
Comments:Hi Gayle, Got your Christmas card and wanted to visit your website. The dolls are absolutely adorable! What wonderful work you do! Need to come by and see you. Denise has a friend who collects Raggedy dolls! Esther

Name:Lawrence Sigrist
City and State:Toms River, New Jersey
Comments:All I can say is that your talent is incredible. Can't wait to see what else you will create.

Name:Connie McElroy
City and State:Massillon Ohio
Comments:Your dolls are so wonerful. I will be ordering in the near future.

Name:Diane Davies
City and State:Dawn, Missouri 64638
Comments:Hi Gayle, I finally went to google today and picked up your website. Your dolls are WONDERFUL. It has been nice getting your emails. I feel like I know a celebrity. I am going to check out all our websites on google and I will email later. I liked seeing your picture too. What a beautiful lady your are. OFcourse you have to be when you design raggedy dolls. SMILE.

Name:Nick Owens
City and State:
Comments:I've spent a lot of time at your website and I think your dolls are wonderful. I especially like your nice fat policeman. Sincerely, Nick Owens

Name:Jim Garbarino
City and State:Manhattan, Kansas

City and State:Xenia, Ohio
Comments:I enjoyed looking at all the dolls you make. I usually do not "get into homemade dolls" but yours are exceptional. Thanks for sharing them, Robin

City and State:Waldorf, MD
Comments:All of your dolls are just wonderful. You truly are an artist. I was wondering if you ever thought about making a copy of the Exposition Raggedy Ann? To me she is the one that most represents the Raggedy Ann that you see in the Gruelle books. I think you could do it and would probably get orders for her. I enjoy visiting your site from time to time. Keep up the good work.

Name:Mary Carlson
City and State:Senoia, Georgia
Comments:Awesome, my friend. Awesome. I am completley impressed. Good going.

City and State:london
Comments:WOW! Fantastic Raggedies......the best I've seen. I am totally impressed! Absolutely incredible talent!!

City and State:NORTH FORK , CA

Name:Nancy Gill
City and State:Savannah, GA
Comments:Great dolls! I love every one of them.

Name:Susan Bloom
City and State:Sunrise, FL
Comments: Your dolls are the most beautiful I have seen. I am just starting my collection. Thank you for sharing with me.

Name:Mary Podesta
City and State:Tracy, CA
Comments:Dolls are beautiful!

Name:Mary Podesta
City and State:Tracy, CA
Comments:Beautiful Dolls!!

City and State:LOS ANGELES, CA

Name:Stefan Frinko
City and State:Demmstedt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Comments:Great Site! You've done this well - stay on and visit my "special" site if u like: Fetisch

City and State:NYC
Comments:Fo you make any lifesized dolls?

City and State:Jacksonville, NC
Comments:Your website is FANTASTIC!! And your dolls are simply incredible!! I just happened upon your site, and your talent is beyond words. I just recently got interested in Raggedy Ann and haven't really started a collection, but I would love to have every one of your character dolls. I had no idea that there were so many different characters associated with Raggedy Ann, you have definitely peaked my interest now, I am going to have to find out more!! You will definitely be hearing from me, soon!

City and State:Jacksonville, NC
Comments:Your website is FANTASTIC!! And your dolls are simply incredible!! I just happened upon your site, and your talent is beyond words. I just recently got interested in Raggedy Ann and haven't really started a collection, but I would love to have every one of your character dolls. I had no idea that there were so many different characters associated with Raggedy Ann, you have definitely peaked my interest now, I am going to have to find out more!! You will definitely be hearing from me, soon!

Name:Melody Doyle
City and State:Flemingsburg, Kentucky
Comments:I just received the three dolls I ordered from you--Knickerbocker inspired Belindy, Georgene inspired Belindy and Uncle Clem. They are wonderful! Much better even than they appear on your website. My only problem is that now I want one of everything you make! Shipping was fast and packaging was very good. You do a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!

Name:Melody Doyle
City and State:Flemingsburg, Kentucky
Comments:I just received the three dolls I ordered from you--Knickerbocker inspired Belindy, Georgene inspired Belindy and Uncle Clem. They are wonderful! Much better even than they appear on your website. My only problem is that now I want one of everything you make! Shipping was fast and packaging was very good. You do a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!

Name:Kathy Sigrist
City and State:Arlington, TX.
Comments:Unbelievably beautiful and realistic recreations of the characters. I'm falling in love with the books and dolls again through the eyes of my 5 year old. What a talent God has given you! Best Wishes. Kathy

City and State:Attalla , Alabama
Comments:I have been searching for fabric to make a Raggedy Anna and Andy Quilt. I would like the pattern on the fabric to be larger than what I have seen. DO you know of any sites that have the old fashioned ones on it? Thank you. I enjoyed looking at your dolls. Julia

Name:Paula Ward
City and State:Frreland, Washington
Comments:"The Camel With the Wrinkled Knees" is one of may all time favorites from my childhood. I have lost track of the book, which was a very old copy. We loved it then and we love it still.

City and State:Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Comments:What beautiful rag dolls! I am a golly collector and somehow found your website. Your Raggedy Andy and Ann dolls are delightful! Greta

Name:peter krauss
City and State:box 306, lagrangeville, ny(near poughkeepsie)
Comments:Your dolls are awsome---I'm gonna buy a cleety and belindy from you soon. I had a Belindy around 1955. Much to my sadness I lost it and was thrilled to see yours. Guess you can tell I'm a Raggedy fanatic.
City and State:box 306, lagrangeville, ny(near poughkeepsie)
Comments:Your dolls are awsome---I'm gonna buy a cleety and belindy from you soon. I had a Belindy around 1955. Much to my sadness I lost it and was thrilled to see yours. Guess you can tell I'm a Raggedy fanatic. Thanks for a teriffic site!!--Peter
City and State:box 306, lagrangeville, ny(near poughkeepsie)
Comments:Your dolls are awsome---I'm gonna buy a cleety and belindy from you soon. I had a Belindy around 1955. Much to my sadness I lost it and was thrilled to see yours. Guess you can tell I'm a Raggedy fanatic. Thanks for a teriffic site!!--Peter

Name:Marcia G. Werning
City and State:Canfield, Ohio
Comments:I have a Beloved Belindy, received about 1937. I can send you her picture. She has been valued at $1200.00. I have met only one other person locally who had ever heard of her. Belindy resides on a chair in my foyer, the place of honor in this house.

Name:Peter Krauss
City and State:Lagrangeville NY 12540
Comments:I had a Belindy in the 50s bu shes long gone. Yours are really beautiful.

Name:June Statler
City and State:Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Comments:I love my Benji! It was so nice to meet you and your delightful granddaughter. Sydney loved having her around to play with. Maybe they could be penpals for each other. Sydney doesn't know how to write letters yet, but maybe I can help her with hers. Hope that you had a good trip home. We ran out of the rain in Arcola and had clear skies the rest of the way home. We drove straight home after the brunch at 1:00 p.m. and arrived around 11:00 p.m. I'm still unpacking! Hope that the trip was successful for you. I know that my sales paid for my trip and am looking forward to next year. How about you? Hope you'll be coming back next year too. Did you reserve your room for next year? Talk to you soon. Raggedy Best Wishes, June

Name:Kim Rawlings
City and State:Kansas City, MO
Comments:I love your creations!

City and State:CA
Comments:Hi Gayle! I am in your RA&A Dolls and Friends MSN group. Your dolls are awesome. Here's my doll award for your website! Happy Doll Days! elisabethann

Name:betty taurman
City and State:louisville, ky.

City and State:
Comments:Gayle, As talented as you are, I wouldn't limit yourself to just Raggedy items. You could make clothes for antique dolls. I mainly collect dolls of the 40's and back, and I know if you could make clothes to fit the older dolls, you would make a fortune on Ebay--- Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, Dionne Quints, Shirley Temple, Bye Lo, Dimples{Horsman doll co}. These are just a few to mention that I believe are VERY HOT on Ebay. Barbara.

Name:Kim Rawlings
City and State:Kansas City, MO
Comments:I had an opportunity to travel to Fresno, CA recently and saw all of Gayle's adorable creations. My sister and I had such a great time playing with all of her darling dolls. I loved them so much that I purchased 9 dolls! They have made a lovely addition to my Raggedy collection. Gayle's dolls are beautifully crafted and her attention to detail is extraordinary. I am very picky with my doll purchases and these are the only homemade dolls I have ever purchased. Thank you Gayle! Kim Rawlings, KC, MO

City and State:Tracy, California
Comments:Thank you dear Gayle for my most wonderful dolls that bring many smiles! They are the cuddliest and most beautiful of all!!!

Name:Kelle Kirkland
City and State:Mansfield, Tx
Comments:I recieved my Beloved Belindy Doll and she is wonderful. She is a gift for someone special. I was very pleased with all details of the transaction with Gayle. She is very professional and the Doll was exactly what I was looking for my Mother-in-Law,who collects Raggedy Anns and friends.Thanks, Gayle for a great Doll!

Name:Dawn Krayna
City and State:Clarence Center, N.Y
Comments:These dolls are wonderful.What a oppurtunity to be able to purchase the dolls as they are so hard to get.Beautiful work.

Name:Robin Palladino
City and State:Allentown, Pa
Comments:Your dolls are BEAUTIFUL!!!

City and State:Menifee, California
Comments:Very nice selection of dolls. The Aroma Shoppe

Name:Kurt E. Anderson
City and State:San Diego, California
Comments:I've been collecting Raggedies for a few years now, have always loved them. I ordered a Beloved Belindy doll from Gayle recently, and couldn't be more satisfied. The doll is lovely...she does excellent work. Very detailed and good materials. It looks just lovely in my collection, and I intend to add some of Gayle's other Raggedy friends in the future.

Name:sadie robar
City and State:port st. john , FL.
Comments:you can not go wrong with these dolls they are beautiful!!!! Very Frendly seller Super fast shipping and pack very well she packs them care and love for her dolls. I'm so glad I found you I could not ask for a better doll or service. You have made my mother inlaw so happy for Christmas thanks Sadie Robar

City and State:LA CA

Name:Gail E.
City and State:West St. Paul, Minnesota
Comments:I just love the quality of Gayles work! Her attention to detail is great! I adopted one of her knickerbocker inspired Belindys a while ago, and she is one of my favorite dolls. She sits along side of my knickerbocker original Belindy and it really is hard to tell which one was made by Gayle and which is the original. Thanks again Gayle!

Name:Patricia Inyang
City and State:Round Rock, Texas
Comments:Hello, I use to make dolls a lots. It was so much fun. I don't have the patience I use to have any more. I can't see how to thread the needles and I want to just quickly get it over with. I just use to have so many joyful hours just sewing! I decided to look at dolls on my computer and out of all the dolls I saw, yours are the ones that I just love. Oh how love the little browns ones. They are so pretty. Well, thanks for sharing your work. May you have many years of fun making dolls.

Name:Patricia Inyang
City and State:Round Rock, Texas
Comments:I just love the brown dolls. They are so beautiful!

Name:Mary Lee
City and State:Tracy, California
Comments:Dear Gayle....thank you for your wonderful dolls that I love so much and enjoy playing with, with my little ones. Thank you also for you Raggedy friendship! Raggedy Smiles to you!!!!

Name:Jennifer B. Boruff
City and State:Sweetwater, Tn.
Comments:I have loved Raggedy Ann since I was six yrs old , next month I'll be 44. I did a search through Yahoo and couldn't believe the tallent on this site ! I'll start saving my money and come back to shop ! Job well done !! Jennifer

Name:Jennifer B. Boruff
City and State:Sweetwater, Tn.
Comments:Great workmanship ! I would love to order a.s.a.p !

Name:Michelle Cavanaugh
City and State:Rogersville, MO
Comments:What a nice site you have! Best wishes. Michelle

Name:Jennifer B. Boruff
City and State:Sweetwater, Tn.
Comments:I have bought a Raggedy Ann handbag from Gayle. The workmanship is remarkable.The likeness of Raggedy Ann holds true to the vintage , antique appreance of my favorite character.The time and effort is obvious. The transaction easy and I would advise any Raggedy Ann collector to visit Gayle's website and purchase a high quality product. I know I'll be back often .Thanks Gayle ! Jenny

Name:stephanie french
City and State:113 London Pride Rd. Irmo S.C.
Comments:I am looking for the raggedy ann,andy, arthur,and camel in the primitive set and can not find them all maybe you can help me!my e-mail is Istarted my collection 5 years ago in this certain design and i'm afraid i just can't find what i want thanks stephanie

City and State:Florida and Georgia
Comments:It is so good to finally see someone who takes pride in their work! I have been making what I call 'Raggedys' since I was a child..later for my own children and to sell. I love what I do and so often see dolls that just no care is taken with. God gives us talents to use to the best of our ability and I am so pleased to see what good work you do! May He bless you in all ways! Susan

City and State:Los Angeles, California
Comments:this is a great website

City and State:
Comments: My gosh-- I was floored by your auction picture of all the diff characters you have created. You must spend your entire life creating these patterns and then the actual characters. I am sure people don't realize the time that has gone into each of your creations. I have no room to collect anything but Raggedys and even that is getting tight but wanted to let you know that I admire your work and your time spent. Nancy

Name:Esther Creger
City and State:Monticello Ky
Comments:I'd love to see your work .. maybe I just don't ware to click to get in to your web page??

City and State:Olney, Maryland
Comments:Hi Gayle ! "Willie" arrived on time & safely. He is WONDERFUL as are all your dolls. Thank you so much for another beautiful doll & a most pleasant transaction! I left feedback for you & hope you will do the same for me. If you already have, Thank you! If you keep making your dolls we will meet again! Have a great weekend. Sincerely, Suzy

City and State:Chowchilla, CA
Comments:Your website is absolutely amazing!! I love all of your dolls, I will be contacting you to place an order real soon. You have a real God-given talent. Jayme

Name:Judith Reardon
City and State:
Comments:Hi there, Gayle. I just discovered your website - you make beautiful dolls, etc. The purses are really adorable. How would I go about ordering a couple of those, and how does one pay you? Thanks so much. Judy

City and State:
Comments:I like this site very much!

City and State:Los Angeles Ca.
Comments:Oh my gosh what a wonderful seamtress I just cant get enough of all her raggetys!!!! Gayle you are the best!!! Cant say enough about this wonderful lady !!! Just the cutest love love them you can tell she really loves to make these dolls just perfection all the way!!! Thanks Gayle

City and State:Los Angeles Ca.
Comments:Oh gayle i just love my anns and andys cant get enough Youre the best!!!! Just love my babies I could have a house full of your babies just beautys Thanks Again Raggety Hugs Tanya

Name:Brenda Born
City and State:Indianapolis, IN
Comments:I adore my Beloved Belindy and Uncle Clem! Superb artistic design, exquisite quality of workmanship, fast shipping, and secure packaging all combine to make a PERFECT TRANSACTION start to finish. My thanks for a job well done!!!

Name:Brenda Born
City and State:Indianapolis, IN
Comments:I adore my Beloved Belindy and Uncle Clem! Exquisite artistic expression, suberb workmanship, secure packaging and fast shipping combine for a JOB WELL DONE!

City and State:
Comments:Hello! I am erik and i like this site.

City and State:
Comments:Hi, just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site.

Name:Robin Jacobi
City and State:
Comments:My name is Robin Jacobi :))) I stop to say that your site is pretty COOL. Thanks, I could not find anywhere that I have found at your site. I was really surprised when came across your site on the web!

Name:Aston Martin City and State: Comments:Very informative and well designed website. I'm sure, you will be successful with it, have a nice day! Aston Martin

City and State:Jamestown, RI
Comments:Hi Gayle, I have received Aurthur and he is adorable!!!Wow you do such beautiful work!!!Thanks so much. Nancy


Name:Kim Rawlings
City and State:Kansas City, MO
Comments:Gayle, My dolls arrived today safe and sound. Uncle Clem is simply adorable!!! Just as cute as can be – his clothes are just fabulous! He and his outfit are so well put together - I love them! The two Belindy dolls are a wonderful addition to my collection - you know I love them! The Belindy purse is just too cute. Thank you so much for all of them, I will treasure all of them. I highly recommend all of your dolls to anyone that loves Raggedy Ann.Thanks so much!

City and State:Lanett, AL
Comments:Hi Gayle.. I just received my 36'raggedy ann, she is just beautiful.You do beautiful work. I look forward to ordering more from you soon. Thanks so much.

City and State:PA
Comments:Gayle, Thanks so much for the MULTIPLE ITEM DISCOUNT & Price list!! I did get Belindy. She came Tuesday... She is really beautiful. Can't wait to see snitz!!! My Birthday is Mar 5th ,so I was going to ask my husband to buy me a doll!! But I couldn't decide which one to get first...he is so impressed with your work...........he told me to order HENNY & FREDERIKA AND UNCLE CLEM !!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooo EXCITED!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!!! P.S. OH, I was wondering if you have any pictures of the other dolls (camel, nice fat police man etc.) ? If so maybe you could email them to me. I'll let you know, but I would like to see them so I can decide which one to get NEXT! Deborah

City and State:NJ
Comments:Hi Gayle, Eddie showed up today and we both love him on sight!!!! My husband thought he was the best guy he has seen in a while. I have a lot of stuffies but he is different. Thank you so much!!! We both love him! Carol Perkins NJ

City and State:
Comments: We received the Beloved Belindy you sent to Jean Owens. Thank you. Your work is excellent. We could not be more pleased. Mrs.. Owens is my 6 year old daughters grandmother. She has sewn for years and is very discriminating. You passed the test with flying colors. Sincerely, Lloyd Blake

City and State:Michigan
Comments: Hi Gayle, Belindy arrived today! Thanks for being so sweet in following her "journey". As cute as the pictures are they don't do her justice. She's just as sweet as she can possibly be (& the detail on her is just wonderful)! What a great "gift" you have! I had an aunt I loved dearly who was very talented & made handcrafted items too (she never sold anything; she just made them for family members - it takes such skill & patience & I don't have either). You're a great "seller", it was such a smooth transaction & such a pleasure. I would definitely do business with you again & look forward to seeing future "creations" of yours -- Keep up the good work!! Sincerely, Kathy (A satisfied Belindy owner)

City and State:PEI
Comments: Hi Gayle, Belindy has finally arrived in PEI. She is beautiful. Very nice workmanship. I have left a positive feedback for you and hope you do the same for me. I also received the check for shipping refund. Thanks for being so honest about your shipping costs. Take care. Carole

City and State:TX
Comments: Hi Gayle!! I got Cleety on Monday and just got around to looking at my e-mail. Sorry! I must say your pictures of him don't do him justice!!! He is totally adorable!! I love him and am ready for another doll to add to the collection. What do you have available? I simply can't say enough about him. You do such good work. I have looked at your homepage and left a message some time ago but I will look again and try to leave another. Do you have any Belindys? Let me know what you have so I can decide who will join Cleety. Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon. Cristy

City and State:NE

Name:J Viviano
City and State:NY
Comments: gayle, i received the two western ragedies, they are absolutely beautiful. i appreciate them very much. the time it took is absurd. i am going to send payment for the blondes tomorrow. sincerely, thanx JV ps if you have any creations not on your website and can send pics, please do.

City and State:KY
Comments: Love her, love her. I am at my office so using that e mail as I got it today in the mail. She is adorable and I can hardly wait to show it to my friend....THANKS.....It sure does look ORIGINAL, but PRISTINE original...... Mona.

City and State:So CA
Comments: Belindy is adorable! I love her! I am amazed at the quality of the job you did. My friend saw her and said WOW she sews very well! It looks to be high quality! Linda

City and State:MA
Comments: Hi Gayle! Arthur is here!!! He is sooooo cute!!! You did an absolutely great job on him! The 1st things I saw on him when I opened the box was his smiling face, as if he was saying "Hi there!" I just love his yarn hair! Thank you very much! Raggedy Smiles! Shiela

City and State:Upstate NY
Comments: Hi Gayle, I received your dog today and he is soooooooooo adorable! You sew so beautifully and your packing is wonderful!!!! Thank you again for your beautiful Arthur dog. I have him next to the Mammy doll with the poke a dot dress. I love that doll too she is so adorable! I left you your feedback. Have a beautiful day! Thank You! Jennifer

City and State:Vegas
Comments: WHOA! Hey I received the dolls today! UNCLE CLEM,PERCY,MINKY,WILLIE,ELF&PIRATE Girl! You are awesome!!!! I knew they'd be great, but not this great! I'm so glad I gave myself this AFTER Christmas present....YOU DO FANTASTIC WORK! Many thanks, Lisa

City and State:Florida
Comments: hello Gayle--Beloved Belindy arrived safley--she was very happy to get out of the box and meet her new friends on the raggedy ann cupboard. Thank you very much she is beautiful and will be treasured for many years to come. I will be leaving great feedback in a day or so. Have a great day and thanks again....... Tawni

City and State:Ohio
Comments: Hi...Oh I am so pleased with Belindy and the blue did beautiful daughter was so was an earlyBirthday present...What a wonderful job you did...thank you so much! Thanks Gayle...I LOVE them....Millie

City and State:Baton Rouge
Comments: Gayle: Clem arrived today and he is ADORABLE!!! He looks so cute next to my other Raggedy Ann dolls. Thanks so much and I will leave you wonderful feedback. Janet

Comments: She is splendiforous! Even my son who thinks I'm nuts admits "she's NIIICE". Love the way her belly hangs over her waistband. And her pantaloons tell me she is a very respected member of the household!!!!!Yes! I do love her and now have to find the rest of my BB collection. She is the only Georgene type I have with the black button eyes. All my BBs of course are crafted. Love all 3 heart patterns. If you make a camel, I just might buy it . Janice

City and State:Tracy, CA
Comments: Sweet Adorable Ann......!!! She is here and I absolutely love her!!! She is so adorable!!!!!! OH! How I love her! Love at first sight! What a wonderful job you did! Thank you so much! I can't get over how beautiful she is! I'm going to forward the pictures to my Mom as she loves Raggedies as well! You do such a wonderful job on your dolls and I will definately be ordering again! I'd like to order my Mother one for Christmas.... Thank you so much, Gayle! Take care and God Bless you and yours! Happily, Mary

City and State:VA
Comments: Gayle, Wooden Willie came yesterday. Oh i love him!!!! I Thanks soooo much I wanted to let you know Wooden Willie arrived at my house He had a big smile on his face and was so glad to see Arthur He made me smile too I love him and I hope to get more of his friends to come live with us I was pleasantly supprised that he was bigger than I expected Oh I just love his arm's.....Sooo Cute Thanks so much! Janine Raggedy Hugs & Smiles, I think fat policeman will be next, I LOVE THEM ALL Janine VA

City and State:Tracy,CA
Comments: Hi Gayle! Yes, she lights up the entry way with her warm smile. She is the first thing I see everyday and I just adore her. I never really was a raggeddy ann collector, but I think I may have become one! God Bless you as well and take care! Hugs!!!!! Mary

City and State:Minnesota
Comments: Hi Gayle The two Belindys came yesterday. I unpacked them this morning and took them to work with me to admire them. They are great and you did a great job. I like the pictures of Uncle Clem. What is the price on him--that is if he is for sale?? Also do you make the Baby doll Molly?? I have seen one in the books and always have admired it. Thank again Sandy

City and State:
Comments: Received the dolls Belindy & Benji and they are fantastic -- thank you so much -- you are very talented! Sharon Ruley OK

City and State:LA
Comments: Gayle, She is ADORABLE! I was shocked when I opened the door and a package was there!!!! What service! Thank your husband for me for doing that. I love her little polka dotted hat, she is sitting with me as I'm writing this. NOW, I want my gingerbread....(did you make a guy and girl?) and santa! I will do the paypal thing again so we can rush this after you are done. I'm thinking maybe I need the guy too, send pics. Well you did it again! Wonderful....I'm leaving the tags on their arms and when my grandchildren are grown they may know someone famous. Your Raggedy's will be like Barbies, who knows.....maybe Gingerbread too! Thanks so much, Linda

City and State:HutchisonKS
Comments: Hi Gayle! My wonderful Belindy arrived safely about 8:30 last night! Your work is beautiful and I'm so happy to have one of your dolls in my collection. Every nice thing I've read about you and your talent on the various Raggedy groups is absolutely true! I can understand your loyal following! Hope to add another one of your creations soon! Thanks for everything - the quick communication, immediate shipment, safe packaging! I have posted feedback - not enough room to sing my many praises! Have a great Raggedy weekend! Elinor

City and State:IL
Comments: Subject: Arthur Treasures Hi Gayle! I really love my Arthur – he’s so cute! When my niece, Jenna, opened it up, her eyes became BIG Saucers with a grin and said “puppy!” It was great. Thank you for making such “Treasures”.Bonnie IL

City and State:WI
Comments: Carol Wrinkles and I have just looked over ebay together. He is seated on my lap and cuddled under my left arm. He is very intent on checking out possible new RA friends on the monitor. His eyes are wide open with wonder! He arrived very safely today. You and UPS assured he would stay healthy and happy due to good shipping and packaging. We have 40MPH winds today and some heavy rains, but Wrinkles was packed securely in his box with another big plastic bag sealed around the outside of the box. Thanks for the card and notepaper, etc. which I will use to post a page for you in my special RA notebook. I really like the REAL wrinkled knees which the last "Georgene" camel really didn't have. The squared vintage joint buttons are absolutely perfect in design and shape and color. Will shop for Crooksville Annie's wardrobe fabric this weekend. Wrinkles is kissing the screen and waving his tale at you. Thanks again for a job artistically done! Carol

City and State:
Comments: Hello!! TRAVEL'N Knickerbocker Belindy & Raggedy Arthur reached my place. It is very joyful. Thank you. It is my best regards even from this. Sachiko Japan

City and State:Armstrong, IA
Comments: Dear Gayle, I am delighted to get your beautiful doll. As a doll maker myself I appreciate nice handiwork. I make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and I collect them as well. I have hundreds of dolls all over my home, store bought and hand made. Your wonderful doll is the first Belindy I have ever gotten. I am just learning all about the history of the Raggedy Ann doll and I can truly tell you that your Belindy is the nicest one I have seen. What a beautiful addition to my collection. Thanks again, Lynne

City and State:WA
Comments: Gayle, Percy is here! Thanks for the speedy delivery. You do good work, he is wonderful!!! If other Raggedy Lovers read this.........Gayle's work is amazing!! None better! Thanks, Marion

City and State:
Comments: Gayle, Thanks for letting me know your book arrived safely --and thanks for the positive feedback on eBay! I'm glad you're pleased, and I've left positive feedback for you. Like your About ME page & your website ! Your dolls are beautiful! Take care, Tom writebrothers

City and State:
Comments: Hi Gayle, Belindy has just arrived and she is beautiful! She is even cuter than the pictures on the listing. I love her! Thank you so much! Sandra

City and State:
Comments: Hello, I just couldn't go on any longer without sending you a big THANK YOU. My husband won one of your auctions and presented me with one of your fabulous Mammy dolls for Christmas. The quality is exceptional and it's easy to see the pride and love with which they're made. I've wanted one since the day I came across one of your auctions, many months ago. I just had to thank you myself and to let you know her smile brightens my day, everyday! Have a Blessed New Year, Kathleen Cramer

Name:Dawn & Lexy
City and State:
Comments: Hi Gayle, Belindy arrived this morning! :-) She's just terrific, and Lexy's been playing with her all day...(taking her everywhere she goes)!! Sorry to be so late in notifying you (I just got a stomach bug this morning, but feeling a bit better now). Thank you so much, Gayle, for all the trouble you've gone through!! Lexy wanted me to tell you, "I love my Belindy doll, and I think she's very pretty". We're still reading about all the characters, probably will be for awhile! ;-) Thanks again!! Dawn & Lexy

City and State:Laurel,MS
Comments: They're here!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much, Gayle--I can't wait for them to tell me of their adventures en route--twice! They are beautifully done--just wish I could leave you very positive feedback but think I can't as the transaction was private . Will show my friends how nice they are and won't hesitate to recommend you to other Raggedy fans! Thanks for all your efforts, Jane and Belindy and Cleety FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH GAYLE'S WORK !!!! SHE IS AN EXCELLENT DOLL ARTIST! This very unusual and very well-made "Cleety the Clown" is a wonderful addition for your Raggedy Ann display! He is a full 22" (28" to the tip of his hat) and has lots of personality. He even has real ears! His outfit is quality throughout with snap closures. This adorable "Beloved Belindy" has been hand-crafted to represent the vintage Knickerbocker rendition of Raggedy Ann's friend. Her workmanship is wonderful, the materials all quality. A great way to have this hard-to-find friend for your Raggedy Ann collection!

City and State:
Comments: Gayle, I received Beloved Belindy today. She is absolutely precious! So much more athentic looking than the one people are paying hundreds of dollars for! I wish I could leave you feedback. I have placed her on the bed in my spare bedroom with my old Johnny Gruelle book,although I might be tempted to take her to bed with me tonight! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to buy her. Margie39

City and State:OlneyMD
Comments: beloved belindy has arrived at her new home thank you very much i love her you did a great job making her hope to see more of your dolls on ebay it was great doing business with you thanks again. wendy

Name:Sandy K
City and State:Ardmore, PA
Comments: Dear Gayle, Belindy was very excited about meeting my sister Faye.She was hidden in her box untill Christmas. She will have a beautiful home with many raggedy friends to look after, I could hardly wait to give her to Faye. She was of course THRILLED with her. She has looked high and low for a Belindy.I found her a few, but not as nice as yours. Thank you for sending her so quickly. When she gets settled in I will send you a picture of her and her new friends. Thanks again Sandy-----

Name:Barbara Bailey
City and State:Valdosta, GA
Comments: Gayle I received Belindy and I absolutely luv her she is beautiful. You can't imagine the amount of money I have spent on Raggedy"s this year I promised my husband I wouldn't buy any more for a while. Their sooo cute I might have to sneak and when I do I'll be getting a hold of you about a camel. Its been great chating with you and if I get the chance someday to get to California I'll look you up. Barbara

Name:Your Daughter
City and State:California
Comments: WOW!!!! What awesome praise. You must be on cloud 9! I'm soooo proud of you and your accomplishments with all your raggedy babies. PS I always thought you were great, but now the whole country is figuring it out! I'm so very pleased.WOW Again!!! She seems like a really picky one too! So if she is overwhelmed with your talent....look out .....those new raggedy doll pictures may send you into a sewing hurricane....orders will be jaming the net! You are awesome MOM!!! Love YOU Me

City and State:New York
Comments:Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

City and State:
Comments:Hi, surfing the Internet I came across your great artistic site. I thought it would be nice to congratulate and send greetings

Name:Rose Morrill
City and State:Davenport, Iowa
Comments:I love your website!! Your dolls look fantastic. As a senior citizen, I just wish I could enlarge some of the pictures for a closer look. Great job!!! Rose

City and State:Providence, Rhode Island
Comments:I am so completely impressed with your work! I've been all over the internet looking for Beloved Belindy but I was amazed to finde Snitzdoodle, Clem, and the others!!! Amazing!!!

City and State:Elkins, WV
Comments:I love your website. I am also a collector and love the work that you have done.

Name:Becca Miller
City and State:LaGrange, Kentucky
Comments:Thanks so much Gayle! My new Beloved Belindy is BEAUTIFUL and is now among Raggedy friends. You are a true artist, this doll is of heirloom quality. I couldn't be more pleased. THANK YOU! Raggedy Blessings, Becca Miller

Name:joel montelongo
City and State:chaparral new mexico
Comments:i have had these dolls as a kid till 10 years ago they were stolen from me.
it was a family member but will never admit to it. so far i have replaced ann & andy an my fave belindy
all have hand embroided faces.ann & andy have the barn red yarn hair . they have been made with lots of love .
i would like to know the names of the cat&dog they had i had them also.

City and State:Pennsylvania
Comments:Very good site! I like it! Thanks! .

Name:Mary O.
City and State:
Comments:Hi, Gayle. You are a true master! Do you still make dolls for sale? I am interested in Beloved Belindy, the Camel, and Arthur. Thanks for a great website - Mary O P.S.I will email my email address.

Name:John H.
City and State:SC
Comments:Hi Gayle! I have admired your work for quite some time on eBay! Do you ever do custom orders?
I have longed to own a set of Ann and Andy dolls from the MUSICAL ADVENTURE movie,
and can't quite find someone who can do it. If you can, please let me know!
There are actually several things that I want…and if you can pull it off (which I have no doubt you can!) I'll be the happiest boy alive!! Ha ha! I would LOVE replicas of all of those dolls,
but some look a little harder to fashion than others...seeing that some look to be made of wood and/or ceramic and composition.
Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing from you! -John

City and State:California
Comments:I have long admired your beautiful creations, and I finally decided to treat my self for Christmas.
I cannot tell you how pleased i am with the dolls! I can't help but look at them- and look at them- and look at them!!!
they have the most adorable faces!!! I have to say that i feel they are the best looking dolls in my collection!!!
you are a true artist- in every sense of the word!!! thank you for making my day with your beautiful dolls!!! you are the best!!! again with so much appreciation and gratitude,thank you so very much for your efficiency!!! Juli

Name:Becca Miller
City and State:La Grange, Kentucky
Comments:I now am the proud owner of three character dolls made by Mrs. Gayle Garbarino!
Beloved Belindy, Uncle Clem and Nice Fat Policeman!
Down to the very last detail on these dolls are exquisite!

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Mrs. Garbarino's handmade dolls! I plan to order one a month till I have one of each!
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much Gayle!!!!!!!!!! Raggedy Blessings, Becca Miller

City and State:PA
Comments: I can testify that Gayle's dolls are VERY nicely made...She brought them to Arcola a couple of years ago and stayed in the Arcola Amish Inn, where I was staying. I was priviledged to be able to buy a "Beloved Benji" from her, which looks just like Belindy, but, of course, is her male counterpart. I think that he was a creation of hers and is just such a quality made doll that I had to buy him. My step-mother was a dressmaker, trained in New York and Gayle's dolls were comparable to hers. Raggedy Blessings to everyone, June

City and State:OH
Comments:Gayle, You are a true Artist! Your Creations are Unbelievable! I have purchased Raggedies from many doll makers, but yours truly outshine the best of them! The quality and pride of workmanship displayed in your dolls and their outfits is beyond compare..I can't wait to own each and every one of them! Keep me posted on your upcoming Marcella have at least one order already!!

Date:Jul 10, 2007
CityandState:Houston TX
Comments:I just found your site. It is wonderful!!You are one of the most talented people I have ever seen! I just LOVE your dolls!! I will be ordering real soon!!! I have to go back and look some more!! I WANT THEM ALL !! Crissy

Date:Jul 10, 2007
CityandState:Houston TX
Comments:My friend just told me about your are one talented artist. I have never seen such BEAUTIFUL dolls. Thanks for sharing them. I will be ordering real soon

Date:Jul 17, 2007 Gayle, Your dolls are simply magical.... I can't believe how well they are made! Another treasured keepsake!
Thank you so much, Crissy

Date:Aug 7, 2007
Name:Becca Miller
Comments:Gayle!!! Gayle!!! Gayle!!!
I have just spent an hour and half on your site and still am not finished! I'm soooooooooooo sleepy this evening, but just couldn't pull myself away!!!!! I MUST get to bed, but just can't wait to get up in the morning and continue on!!!! I just know that I am going to lay in bed and think about your site!!!! Gayle, I just can't tell you how much I LOVE it!!!!! It is the most WONDERFUL Raggedy site I have EVER seen! Even better than the Raggedy museums site!!!!! The BEST Raggedy site on the net! I'm off to bed now, but wanted to pop in and tell you how WONDERFUL your site is! I can't wait to tell everyone on the MSN boards!!!!!! I'm also going to make an announcement on my site!!!! Can't wait to chat more tomorrow!!!!!
Oh boy I'm just nuts about your site!
Raggedy Hugs,
Becca Miller

Date:Aug 8, 2007
Comments:Hi Gayle! Wow! Love the new site! How exciting! I will be browsing often! Are you making Gollies yet? For some reason, I like them,,, I think it's their smiling faces too. I hope all is well.
Hugs & Smiles, Mary

Date: September 15, 2007
Name: Ann W. Harrington
City and State:Utah
Comments:New GuestBook Entry! I would like to recommend Gayle Garbarino to everyone who reads this site.
My association with her has been delightful. The 36" Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy I ordered are PERFECT !!!
Every tiny detail is in place with great care taken in every area. Her work is absolutely professional
and the materials are of the highest quality. At first I was nervous about ordering something so personal on the internet,
but after speaking with Gayle on the phone, I knew she was the one I wanted to make my dolls. The dolls were finished in one week and on their way to my home.
I was so pleased that I asked Gayle to make me a Halloween costume to match my new Raggedy Ann doll.
I can hardly wait for its arrival!! I am a piano teacher and all of my students have commented on how much they love my new dolls.
They are truly Heirloom quality. I can recommend Gayle Garbarino and her exquisite work without reservation.
Ann W. Harrington

Date:January 18, 2008
Name:Brenda Lee MacNeil
City & State:Canada & Ohio
Comments:New GuestBook Entry! Dear Gayle, I wanted to let you know that Daniel received the Raggedy Ann doll today that will be going on to Guam to his new granddaughter Abigail.
He set up his webcam and allowed me to see Raggedy Ann as well
and I can tell you we were both in complete awe and amazement at the beautiful and detailed quality of workmanship we saw.
She is absolutely perfect and just seeing her you can tell that it was hand-crafted with much love and attention to detail.
Daniel said he was also very impressed with how lightweight she was which will be perfect for when Abigail begins carrying her around with her.
I have never seen such a beautiful Raggedy Ann doll and it is exactly what we were looking for.
Abigail is a very special little girl and we needed a very special doll for her.
We know that her RAggedy Ann will bring years of enjoyment and pleasure and will be a keepsake forever.
Thank You so much for everything Gayle...from your speedy responses to emails I sent you with questions...
to making sure that we chose the perfect doll for the excellent communication regarding her journey to Ohio.
You truly give exceptional customer service...going the extra mile...making everything so pleasant and easy and sincerely caring.
I am so very thankful that I found your website...
and will tell everyone about the absolutely delightful experience we had doing business with you.
I hope that you continue to create your beautiful dolls for years to come as they are truly a "work of art". Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!!! Brenda Lee MacNeil & Daniel McCoy

Date:January 23, 2008
Name:Linda W-G
City & State:Salem, Oregon
Comments:New GuestBook Entry! Dear Gayle, Just wanted to let you know that your box with the Camel and Beloved Belindy doll arrived safely at our house last evening. I couldn't wait to open the box! They looked wonderful in the photos on your website, but they are even better "in person." The craftsmanship is superb, but also they were obviously made with lots of love and caring so they can't help but give one that warm "touch the heart" feel of the dolls in Johnny Gruelle's books. (The latter quality I particularly appreciate as not all Raggedy Ann type dolls I've seen have that loving feeling and to me that is really what the Raggedy Ann characters were all about.) I can't wait to send both the camel and Belindy to my sister. She will be so delighted with them! They will not only be a great addition to her Raggedy Ann collection, they will also be a wonderful "spirit-lifter" as she goes through chemotherapy. ) Thank you again so much for rushing to get these to me in time for my sister's treatments.! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! I'll definitely pass on word of your website to my doll collector friends. Do take care and have a wonderful 2008! Raggedy Hugs, Linda W-G

Date:January 24,2008
Name:Faith H.
City & State:Birch Run, MI
Comments:Oh Gayle, Uncle Clem arrived today, and he is GORGEOUS!! Oh thank you!! Thank you!! Thank You!!!
He is unbelievable; more precious than any picture could do him justice!!! I know my Grandma is looking down,
and happy to see Uncle Clem along side the Raggedies and the Camel with the wrinkled knees she made for me.
Did I tell you how happy I am to have found you. God bless you for bringing joy to TRUE Raggedy lovers!!
He is amazing. I feel so happy, I wanted to kiss him, but I had lipstick on. Again, my thanks.
I think I would love you to make me a Beloved Belindy now. Is this possible? You can make her for next month?
Let me know, and peace to you and yours!! Faith

Name:Connie Taylor
City & State:Fullerton, CA
Comments:We love the Story of Eddie the Elephant and we bought it on Ebay the book some time ago, and would love a doll of it. We live in Orange county, Fullerton, California, about 10 miles away from Disneyland. I have been a Raggedy Ann collector for over 40 years because when I was 2 years old I got my first Raggedy Ann doll and she was my favorite doll - and now I collect them. I love your Website. Thank you and hope to hear from you the first week of the year. Regards Connie Taylor

Date:July 1, 2008
Name:Becca Miller
City & State:Crestwood, KY
Comments:Oh my Oh MY Gayle!!!!!!! Maizie Moo Cow arrived! Oh boy her photos you posted DO NOT do her justice!!!!
I think that I just may have a new favorite! She looks like she stepped right out of Johnny Gruelle's story books!
And her size is so generous! She is tall in the story books, so her size makes perfect since. I am just tickled pink with her Gayle!
I called my Mom the second I laid eyes on her and told her that she needs to come over this evening to see her.
All I can say is WOW Gayle! I currently own twelve of your Gruelle character dolls and can't wait to own all of them!
Thanks so so so much! Raggedy Blessings, Becca Miller

Date:July 2, 2008
City & State:Three Rivers, MI
Comments:Thank you Gayle, for all the Friendly Communication, the Outstanding service, the Benji I purchased from you is Remarkable, he is worthy of a Knickerbocker tag of his own! Your web-site is very impressive, I hope you continue to do such Wonderful work. Thanks again! Pam

Date: August 16, 2008
Name: Marie Myers
Comments: Hello....I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls. I am trying to find out the age of them. Ann does not have her apron. I have had them for several years and they look old and they are in great condition. They are about 6 inches high. Andy has a tag on the inside of left leg and I cannot see a date on either. I have see on the Internet they start out at $400.00 Can you please help? .....Marie Myers 415.234.6200 is my home number....... email:

Date:August 29,2008
City & State:Naples, FL
Comments: Dear Gayle, [I tried to post this on your website guestbook but it didn't work.] I just received my Nice Fat Policeman in the mail!!!!!!! Gayle, he is absolutely exquisite!
Truly, he looks like an original Volland Policeman doll. I have fallen in love with him!!!
The "Nice Fat Policeman" is one of my very favorite Raggedy stories. I love his sweet expression and the detail is amazing!
His blue eyes actually sparkle! How did you do that?!?!?!?!? I love his brass buttons on his uniform.
Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised but every time I get a doll from you, I'm taken aback. It is like having a mint original in my collection! I treasure the dolls you have made for me and I'm so proud of them. My Nice Fat Policeman seems very happy at his new home here in Florida.
He is sitting next to a homemade Volland-type Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. They seem to be great friends already!
Don't worry - I'll take good care of him and keep him dusted and hugged. Gayle, thank you so much! Receiving my Nice Fat Policeman made my day! Raggedy Hugs & Love, Ali

Date:October 6, 2008
City & State:Staten Island, NY
Comments: I received my dolls yesterday, and words can't describe how beautiful they are! Gayle is a wonderful artist...what great work you do! I ordered Bud and Sis, (Raggedy Ann & Andy look alike dolls) and they are so adorable. The photos don't do them justice! Gayle always kept me posted from beginning to end. Great communication! I recommend her to everyone! She does great work with her dolls and she is a charming person it shows in her dolls! -Lorraine

Date:November 16, 2008
Name:Carol Gramse
City & State: NY
Comments: Just received Johnny Mouse friday -
I have said before that you do beautiful work
but you have outdone yourself with johnny
he has the most personality of all the characters i have recieved to date
he is just simply fun to see, he is dressed perfectly
and i just love him to death!!! thank you so much!!!
i will be sending money for eddie elephant
when december paycheck rolls in
thank you again for such beautiful workmanship couple with creativity that make the characters so unique

Date:January 30, 2009
City & State:Port Washington, NY
Comments: I just received Exposition Ann - she's a true work of art! The craftsmanship and care that have obviously gone into her are fantastic. She's SOOOOO much nicer than any of the currently mass-produced dolls - she has the true charm of the original Ann's. I can't imagine anyone being anything BUT thrilled with an Ann or Andy that came from Gayle's hands!!

Date:January 30, 2009
Name:Gayle Garbarino
City & State:Notsoraggedy Acre (Sanger, CA)
Comments:Thank you so much to all of my customers who have taken the time to sign my Guestbook........I realized when I went to add this last comment, how far behind I have gotten, I was having so much trouble with my Guestbook having inappropriate postings, pages of entries of pornographic type entries every time I tried to put it back up, now AOL has discontinued their hometown pages, so I will have to continue to post my guestbook entries until I have time to search out a new source. I will be adding those posts that I received between Oct 2008 and Jan 2009 as soon as possible....... It's wonderful to be so busy sewing that you don't have time to update your website....but I apologize for getting so behind. Thank you all for all of the wonderful comments and of course for all those great orders that keeps me creating all these wonderful Raggedies!
Raggedy Smiles, Gayle

Date:May, 2009
City & State:
Comments: Hello; I just wanted to send my warm wishes of how impressed I am with your doll creations. You should seriously think about submitting your work to Russ, because they don't know how to make Raggedy Ann or Andy the way that you do. I have seen Applause's versions of Volland, Exposition, and Molly-E, and Georgene, and they aren't even close. You have every detail perfect. I can never understand how they'll miss details, such as hair- Volland and exposition did not use that wig style, and yet, they use that wig style in their reproductions. There are also other details, such as nose placement, color/fabric choices that make me question who is in charge of these reproductions. I love visiting your website and looking at your raggedies! I do have a question- in the georgene era, you have some blonde raggedies, yet I am wondering if they actually existed in the actual Georgene era. Yours are beautiful! I am a big fan of your brown haired Ann and Andy from the Volland era, as well. Have you ever made an Exposition Andy? That would be interesting to see. I do not like the Applause version, mainly, because they use the "wig style" that wasn't used yet, and if he were to be created I think a more magenta hair color would be appropriate from that era as Ann seems to have it. I am very inspired and thankful to visit a website such as yours. It is hard to find chronology of the raggedies WITH pictures, and your is the only site I found that have a few. I do have an idea for you, if you like ideas, since I saw your movie version of the Raggedies, I was wondering if you ever thought of designing dolls from the original 40's comics that existed. I love seeing how you can make images come to life. Have a great day, and thanks for being such a devoted artist in what you do. =willie=

Date:June, 2009
Name:Kristin G.
City & State:Philadelphia, PA
Comments: I ordered a 36 inch Raggedy Ann doll for my daughter's first birthday from Gayle. The entire process was a very positive experience. Gayle is wonderful to work with. She offered suggestions/ideas that really personalized my doll. The doll is adorable and in the end looks like my Raggedy from 40 years ago, which is what I hoped for. We displayed Ann at our daughter's party and everyone LOVED it. I can not thank her enough. She went above and beyond when creating our doll. Gayle is truly an artist. I will recommend her to everyone I know. Kristin G.
Philadelphia, PA

Date:June, 2009
Name:Marilyn Duncan
City & State:Mountain View, California
Comments: It was a happy occasion when I found Gayle Garbarino's web site, notsoraggedyacre, on the Internet. She is very talented and makes the most adorable Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and other toys. She is also most accommodating to her clients and she makes dealing with her a distinct pleasure. I bought a pair of ethnic 20" Raggedies and extra outfits for them, and they were shipped quickly and in accordance with my schedule. She also embroidered their eyes as my daughter asked her to. The darling dolls are for my now six month old grandson, Devin, who is of African American heritage and has been adopted by my daughter and son-in-law. The dolls' color is just right for him, not too dark, but more of caramel color, as my daughter calls it. He has not been given the dolls yet; they will be his gift on July 17 when we go to court for his final adoption. In the meantime I can admire them and show them off to friends and relatives. Thank you so much, Gayle; may your business be a great success! Marilyn Duncan, Mountain View, California

Date:August, 2009
Name:Alison Hubbard-Miller
City & State:
Raggedy greetings, Gayle,
I was searching Golden Meadow and found your website (although I knew you had one, mostly because of your efforts to share the Raggedy' special doll friends that are so rare these days).
Really, really nice job.
I was re-arranging my shelf of dolls and books; came across the Golden Meadow and remembered that many folks have said it is their favorite.

What a treasure!

What would Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy do without such wonderful real-for-sure people like you!
Alison Hubbard-Miller

Date:September 15, 2009
Name:Roger and Mary Todd
City & State:Monterey, CA
We are absolutely delighted with the two 20" Raggedy Ann dolls we just received from you.
The care and attention to detail in making these dolls is obvious. We consider ourselves very lucky to find you on the Internet as the whole purchase experience has been just outstanding.
Even the packing and shipping was done with professional attention. We can't recommend your doll making enough.
You can certainly use us as a reference.
Thank you very much.
Roger and Mary Todd Monterey, California September 15, 2009

Date:September 30, 2009
Name:Debbie Ramirez-Tinoco
City & State:Bakersfield, CA
Thank you so much Gayle, she just arrived and she’s perfect! I can’t wait to give this to Adriana. I’m certain she will always remember her first Raggedy Ann and will cherish it the rest of her life. Thank you so much for working with me to make her reflect the skin tone, hair, and eye color of Adriana. I feel privileged to be able to give her a One-and-Only doll. There is no other doll with the same features and dresses because there is no other little girl like Adriana. Thank you for you dedication to doll making, your love of Raggedy Ann, and your artistry and craftsmanship as a seamstress. I am so happy to have found a Raggedy Friend!

Date:October 10, 2009
Name:Megan Demers
City & State:New Baltimore, MI
Gayle, This is Megan Demers from New Baltimore, MI, and I just received my doll, “Gabby” yesterday. You did such a wonderful job on her. She’s just absolutely beautiful! You really have such great skills. I know when I buy any future dolls, they’ll come from you! God Bless!

Date:October 14, 2009
Name:Donna Jordan
City & State:Kyle, TX
Comments: I am sorry to be so late with getting back to you but I wanted to drop a note and let you know how much my daughter LOVED the misfit dolly. She was beautiful! You did a wonderful job. She will always be a part of our Christmas. Thank you --- Donna Jordan

Date:December 19, 2009
Name:Tim McEntee
City & State:Crestwood, Missouri
Sophia's Raggedy Anne and Andy arrived in the Gateway City safe and sound and looking fabulous. Have to hide the dolls from my grown daughter. They look picture perfect under my granddaughter Sophia's Christmas tree. Thanks so much for your help. T.M. McEntee

Date:December 29, 2009
Name:Donna Barakauskas
City & State:Bridgewater, MA
Hi Gayle, The three Raggedy Ann dolls arrived on December 22. Thank you for such a timely delivery with very short notice. My three granddaughters love their dolls and carry them everywhere. The detail and quality you put into making these dolls is awesome.
Again, thank you and Happy New Year.
Sincerely, Donna Barakauskas

Date:January 9,2010
Name: J. Baxter
City & State:Sanger, CA:
Your web page is one of the best that I have ever seen and your dolls are just too good to describe. Two thumbs up to you Gayle. JOEY

Date:January 16, 2010
Name: Randy Frost
City & State:Fresno, CA:
Hi Gayle, I just received Raggedy Ann, and I was extremely surprised in her size! She is way more than what I had expected, and I know the person I purchased her for, is going to appreciate her and cherish her for a very long time. Your work is second to none, and the best I have seen from my research on the Internet. She's worth the purchase, and probably even more, and I will make sure I tell my friends in case they are looking for something special for their special someone. You were a delight to do business with, and your kindness made this even more special. Thank you again for all your help, and for such a beautiful Raggedy Ann. God Bless, and thank you again so much!
Randy Frost

Date:February 15, 2010
Name:Margaret Gruelle Owen
Hi Gayle, Thanks so much for your speedy reply and your helpful advice. From looking at your website, I'm excited about your beautiful work and the response you're getting. In addition, your testimony to the grace of God is clear. May He bless your efforts to honor Him and share His love with those who contact you. Sincerely, Margaret Gruelle Owen

Date:March 7, 2010
Name: M. Lucille Rozanoff
City & State:AZ:
Hi Gayle,
I am in awe at the talent and attention to detail. You’ve certainly captured the essence, timeline, and feeling of every one of the dolls and characters. I’m particularly partial to the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I’m so fortunate to have found your site
M. Lucille Rozanoff

Name:Melanie Pryor Gulledge and her husband, Frankie
City & State:Oxford, MS
My husband and are excited to learn that we will be having our first child in May/ June 2011, and have always wanted our nursery to be with a Raggedy Ann and Andy theme, and camel with the Wrinkled knees. I hope to be contacting you soon about making one for us. When I was at Blue Mountain College I pledged the Eunomian Society which claims Ann and Andy as mascots. It is such a joy to share vintage heirlooms now with my baby. God Bless all your efforts. Melanie Pryor Gulledge and her husband, Frankie "What does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

Name:Micah Wiggins
City & State:Louisville, KY
My wife had a Sunny Bunny when she was a child, it was her favorite stuffed animal she owned. Her stepmother moved in and threw it away. When we first started dating she told me that story, in my ignorance of where Sunny Bunny came from, I scowered the internet and found her what someone else advertised as the real Sunny Bunny. It turned out to be just a plain white bunny. She still appreciated the gesture, but she brought it up a week or so ago, and I finally found your site. I showed her the picture today, she LOVES the way it looks. She will kill me if she finds out how much I spent. Did you send a receipt? If so, that's no problem, I'll just have to make sure she knows not to open it until I get home. Thanks again so much!

Name: Ardith Cline
City & State:Seminole, fl
After much anticipation, I just received my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. It was well worth the wait. They are simply beautiful and flawlessly made. So much time and skill was devoted to each of them, as evidenced by the beauty and perfect quality of each one. I am eternal grateful that I will be able to make my daughter very happy when she receives these. I can't wait to have you began on the larger sets for my two granddaughters for next Christmas. Thank you so much. You are better than the best! ardith cline Seminole, fl

Date: 11-25-2010
Name:Ellen Ryan
City & State:Shawnee Missions Comments:
Gayle, The dollies are wonderful, wonderful..Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise...Mary would have loved them and her baby girl will most certainly cherish them forever..Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with you and yours..God Bless..Ellen Date: 12-09-2010
Name: Janet Dumas
City & State: Fulton, NY
Gayle, Thank you so much for the beautiful dolls, they arrived today. I can’t wait until Christmas to give them to our only granddaughter Abigail. She is only 7 months old, but in time she will come to love them ! Thank you again, have a wonderful holiday ! Janet

Name: Mary Catherine
City & State:Canada
I've just received my beautiful hand crafted Ann and Andy dolls. They found their way to Canada in time for Christmas even though they got a late start on their journey (owing, entirely to my placing the order late in the season). Thank you to Gayle. She was very attentive and accommodating. The dolls were customized to my requests, and we couldn't be happier. It was a great experience to deal with Gayle. She clearly takes great care with all her creations. My great-niece will have a treasured pair of dolls for the rest of her life. thank you again, Mary Catherine

Date:12-24 2010
Name: Robert Conway
City & State: New York, NY
Hi Gayle I tried to leave feedback on your Guestbook, but the pop-up would not work for me. So, I'll set it out here. Best wishes for a happy holiday! Rob I stumbled upon this website when I was looking for a mass-produced African-American Raggedy Ann. In this day and age, I did not think that anyone still made them by hand. I was very surprised (and pleased!) when I saw Gayle's creations and ordered one immediately. Even though it was just a couple of weeks ago, at the height of the holiday shopping season, she still managed to "custom create" a doll with my choice of fabrics and finishes and get it to me in about a week. When it arrived, I could not have been more pleased. The quality of the materials and workmanship is truly outstanding, and exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. A very lucky little girl is going to be very happy this Christmas!

Name: Valerie Biron
City & State:Margate City, NJ
Dear Gayle? How did I manage all these years without Henny and Frederika ? They arrived today, Thursday, and are cuter than cute! I expected them to be adorable and they exceeded my expectations. The cats, it must be told, prefer the box they arrived in, but they have their own preferences. The Twins have a seat of honor in my favorite rocking chair. Your idea of dressing Henny in blue was inspired. (We Dutch love the color blue.) Raggedy Ann's new chapeau matches her ensemble perfectly. Every home in the USA, and elsewhere should have a Henny and Frederika to love. Your work is exquisite and add me to a long list of admirers. Love, Valerie

Date: 02-01-2011
Name: Shirley Casey
City & State:
Hello, I enjoyed visiting your website tonight. The Raggedy Ann Festival in Arcola, Illinois has been discontinued due to the economy several years ago. We went many times and it was so much fun. I make my own design dolls so always looking for fabric. Wishing now when Daisy Kingdom was still producing fabric that I bought bolts of it. I still have some in my sewing room closet, but not near enough. Your dolls are lovely. Shirley

Name: John Gilmartin
City & State:Texas
Good Afternoon . Greetings from Texas . I have an antique store at Crockett in East Texas . A 94 year old lady from here recently brought in this doll. It belonged to one of her brothers who was born in 1918. At first I thought it to be a Raggedy Andy doll . She informed me that this doll IS NOT ANDY but another doll made by the same manufacturer ? I got on line and learned about Johnny Gruelle and the other characters in his books . I found your wonderful website and discovered the characters in Gruelle's other "Raggedy Dolls". I was wondering if this could be a Gruelle doll and specifically a "Percy the Policeman" doll ? This doll is dressed in a trench coat in the old style of police uniforms and the hat's "1" is shield-shaped and arguably a badge ? It has orange yarn hair like the other "Raggedys" . The eyes, nose and mouth are silk-screened or stenciled . His rosy red cheeks are hand-painted . He is 14 1/2 " tall. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John Gilmartin

Name: Iris Donohue
City & State:Glen Gardner, NJ
Hello Gayle, The detail and creativity that went into this cute little doll is just incredible. I am really glad I found your website . Please do not hesitate to buy a Misfit dolly for sue because she will warm your heart and make you smile. This doll artist has a true gift for sewing and making character dolls exactly like you see them from the movie. Thank you so much Gayle! Love from one of you raggedy friends, Iris from New Jersey

Name: Marty
City & State:
Found your site while browsing about Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. My mother made dolls for years for everyone in the family, and more. Afte she passed, I vowed that I would continue her tradition. It's taken me a while, but my dolls are finally in progress now. I really liked seeing the variety that you made, which give me more comfort in designing new combinations, though I am still partial to the style that Mom always made using that old 19" pattern. I think of her with every stitch. It might never be a business for me (who knows?) but I' having fun! Also, it is nice to see someone who is not afraid to post that cross! Marty

Name:Vera O'Boyle
City & State: Waldorf, MD
Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Twee Deedle arrived. He is so cute and just as you would think he would look like.
He is so happy and colorful. I really like him and your handiwork with details is perfection. I have Mr. Deedle on my television in the living room for a while just to look at him.
He is so happy looking and just make you feel the same way when you look at him. Candace was really excited when we opened the box.
I did not tell anyone that he was coming so her was a surprise. I am sure we will truly enjoy him for years to come. Thanks again.
Keep up your excellent work. As ever, Vera

Name: Carol Morse
City & State: Pender, Nebraska
Hello, Gayle, Bunches of Raggedy Thanks and Smiles and Hugs for the amazing Raggedy character dolls that you have created for me. The Quacky, Danny, Wooden Willie, and Mr. Twee Deedle are extremely well-made and realistic--such amazing treats for any Raggedy collector! Your caring and dedication to detail are top notch. Your willingness to "go the extra mile" in assisting a collector is another reason why your items are appreciated. Many thanks for these great Raggedy items. Carol

Name:Kathy Lesko
City & State:Round Rock, TX
Gayle, Eddie Elephant has found a new home with my aunt. Thank you so much! He came out great! Kathy Lesko

Name: Martha Rose King
City & State:
I am so glad to find you !!!!! I have collected Raggedys for several years now. Most of mine are adapted dolls that I love " fixing up." None are particularly outstanding but I dearly love them. Next winter I want to make a Beloved Belindy. Do you have a pattern of the fatter body? Years ago I got a cheater cloth Belindy and a camel from a company I think called the The Toy Works that I made. Sincerely, Martha Rose King

Date: July 13, 2011
Name: Mardel Railey, JoAnn Williams & "Bonnie Skye"
City & State:Cupertino, CA:
Dear Gayle,

I was searching for a nice "Raggedy Ann Doll" for a 2 year old niece. I am not a computer whiz, but fortunately found you and your dolls on the web. I was intrigued with your business name "Not So Raggedy Acre".

Your web site is a wealth of historical information and a testimony of numerous hours of hard work. Most certainly, your dedication shines through with "A Love for Your Raggedy Dolls", and a preservation for this "Precious Doll Family and her Little Friends".

I was amazed at how artistically and professionally you presented your dolls. The photographs are absolutely beautiful and very complete. You give all of the necessary information along with a price list. One can tell by your commentary and photographs, that you are a master of your art, and that your dolls are a "Real Treasure".

I was so impressed, I decided not only to order a "Raggedy Ann" for my 2 year old niece, but a "Raggedy Ann" and a "Beloved Belindy" for me!! I am 73 years young, and never had a doll as a child.

I was born and raised in Fresno, Ca., right next door to Sanger. There is a special part of my heart that will always remain in Fresno. That is one reason why I have felt so comfortable speaking with you on the telephone, I can tell that you are "One Special Lady", with a multitude of talent. You have a wonderful and friendly personality.

My dolls arrived yesterday in perfect condition. The workmanship and little personalities are more than I could have wished for. I will forever treasure them. I also will be placing more orders from your "Raggedy Family".

Thank you for completing my order so quickly. Once again, you are a fantastic artist and seamstress. Your attention to detail is amazing. The love of your art is very evident with every "Stitch" on your dolls!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person.


Mardel Railey, JoAnn Williams & "Bonnie Skye"

Date: August 14,2011
Name:Nicole & Emily
City & State:
Comments:Hi Gayle! Here's my comment to post on your website: Absolutely beautiful and perfect! We ordered a Raggedy Ann and an Ethnic Raggedy Ann doll. The dolls are exactly what we wanted. Gayle, you are the Best!! Thank you so very much! Nicole-Athens, GA Emily- Anniston, AL

Date: August 22,2011
Name:Lucy Heckman
City & State:NY
Comments:Hi, Mr Twee Deedle arrived late this afteroon. He is wonderful.
Thanks very much!

Date:Sept 19,2011
Name:Kris Alexander
City & State:Hollister, MO
Comments: Hi Gayle. NO WORRIES...THEY'RE HERE!!! (20" Ethnic Raggedy Ann & Andy) They came this afternoon and I haven't been able to put them down long enough to email you...Lol. They are so cute I can hardly stand it and just chock full of "Raggedy" Sweetness, personality and love.
The quality is way beyond what I expected and I haven't ever seen such attention to detail in all the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls I've seen!
The hand sewing and finishing is amazing! It is so obvious that they are made with so much love. They will truly be treasured heirlooms for years to come. I can't express how grateful I am that you are there constantly spreading that wonderful "Raggedy" spirit through your beautiful "creations."
Our world today needs so much more of it so thank you with all my heart for the VERY SPECIAL part you play in making that happen.
With lots of "magical wishes" to you and yours,
P.S. Thank you, also, for letting me know that my check for Marcella got there. Now that I have these beautiful dolls I am really super excited about Marcella!
Can you transfer this note to your Guest book?
I surely want every one to know!

Date:Oct 9,2011
Name:LaVerne Denver
City & State:Watson, AR
Comments: Got the doll (Blonde Raggedy Andy) and as before, I am very pleased with it. Thanks LaVerne

Date:Nov 7,2011
Name:Margaret B.
City & State:Huntley, IL
Comments: Hello . Raggedy Ann just arrived and she is just beautiful. I know my granddaughter will love her for many years to come.
Thank you for making this birthday gift so special and also for the terrific communications. You have been wonderful; I could not be more pleased. Margaret B.

Date:Nov 10,2011
Name:Betty B.
City & State:CA
Comments: Dear Gayle:
I want to thank you for custom making my 40” Belindy doll. She is just perfect – so darling.
It has been a pleasure working with you
as you went out of your way to make this size Belindy for me.
Your thoughtfulness in shopping for the special material I wanted
and all the e-mails you sent to confirm was greatly appreciated.
You are a very special lady and artist.
Your Friend

Date:Nov 10,2011
Name:Pamela Evans
City & State:Scottsdale, AZ
Comments: They are here and soooo CUTE.
I hope and pray that they will be a special addition in my granddaughters life.
Thanks Again

Pamela Evans / Owner
Valley Respiratory Services
Infinity Sleep Solutions

Date:Nov 11,2011
Name:Patricia Vario
City & State:Warren, MI
Comments: Dear Gayle,
My 20" raggedy Ann and Andy dolls arrived via UPS today. Right on schedule!
They are absolutely beautiful and arrived in perfect condition.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
I appreciate your attentiveness to all my questions. The quality of the dolls meets my every expectation.
I know my grand-daughter will treasure them and pass them on to her own children when the time comes.
Best wishes,
Patricia Vario

Name:Eileen Snogles
City & State:Westmoreland, NY
Comments: Gayle,
Thank you so much for the 2 beautiful dolls you have made for us,
we really appreciate your talent, and we will be ordering again!

Date:Dec 12,2011
Name:Maureen McCabe
City & State:Westwood, MA
Comments: Dear Gayle,
You truly take my breath away!!! My Misfit Dolly just arrived and she is even better than I could have ever imagined!!
I can't stop staring at her. She is positively perfect! You have a true gift and have made my Christmas. I honestly can't thank you enough. Fondly, Maureen McCabe

Date:Dec 17,2011
Name:Wendy R
City & State:
Comments: Hello.
Your dolls are lovely.
Always loved the camel (with the wrinkled knees) ever since I saw the 1977 movie.
Wanted a stuffed version of him so much,
but my folks felt I was "too old" and that the toy was for "little tiny kids". Right.
Anyway, some information on Raggedy Arthur. You're right, he was NOT created by Johnny G.,
but by animator Chuck Jones and debuted in a 1978 christmas special, "Raggedy Ann & Andy and The Great Santa Claus Caper".
While the special itself is a bit too sugary to watch, Arthur won fans and
sew-and-stuff versions of him (plus Ann & Andy) along with PVC figures were in stores soon after.
Thought you'd be interested.

Date:Jan 4, 2012
Name:Kate Walterman
City & State: Waseka, MN
I just received my dolls in the mail, and they are exquisite!
I am so pleased with how they look and the quality of how they were made.
Gayle made 2 identical Ann's for my identical twin daughters to carry in my upcoming wedding.
She made wedding outfits for the Ann's in my colors and she made a daily outfit for the twins to put on after the wedding.
The Ann's are ring bearer pillows.
They are absolutely precious!

Thank you so much Gayle!
You have made my special day even better and the twins are in love with their Ann's.
Pictures to follow from the wedding when it happens.(Jan 14th, 2012).

Date:Jan 24, 2012
Name:Ben Buller
City & State: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Very impressed with all of the Dolls and have decided to have one made for my girlfriend.
I must say what a wonderful website and will continue to visit it and look at all the works.
Ben Buller

Halliburton Overseas Limited
Cementing Coordinator
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Date:Feb 21, 2012
Name:Rose Witherell
Facebook Raggedy Group
"Hello Gayle, Very impressed with your "notsoraggedy site"
I did sign in on Guest list, not certain it went through... Will share what I posted
I am very excited to read and view all your creations;
and I already Marvel of the history you have done to accomplish this.
Thanks for sharing, I will keep coming back.
I have a New Beautiful 3 month old Grand daughter born 11/11/11 ~
"I have collected Raggedy Treasures for 20+ years"
Hopefully with your Artistic Talents
we can introduce them into her Life soon...
Also love your posting of the Cross and sharing your Christianity.
Blessings, Rose Witherell"

Date:March 20, 2012
Name:Kris Alexander
City & State: MO
Dear Gayle,
Where do I begin?
Working with you as you created “Scolding Marcella” #1 has been pure joy.
Knowing she would be a big project and would take some time to complete could have been a bit daunting
but you made waiting for her a delight by sending regular detailed emails and photos along the way
so I could share in all the steps it took for you to create this unbelievably beautiful doll.
I simply can’t stop looking at her!!!

Many months ago when I saw on your website that you were going to create her I knew I just had to have her!
The story of Raggedy Ann and the dolls getting in the pantry and getting jam all over them
has always been one of my favorite Johnny Gruelle stories.
The picture in the story of Marcella scolding Raggedy Ann for getting jam all over herself
has always been my favorite illustration by him as well.
There is just something so precious about the angelic look on both of their faces
as Marcella ever so gently “scolds” her beloved Raggedy Ann.
No little doll could ever looked so innocent having just been caught as Raggedy Ann does in this picture
and it just makes me love her all the more!

The love that you put into creating this wonderful Marcella doll, makes her “just come to life“!!!
I can only feel that you were truly inspired by the infinite love Johnny Gruelle had for his daughter
as you created this doll in her likeness and that he must be very pleased with her as well.

Marcella is the crowning glory to my Raggedy Ann collection
and she will truly be a cherished and treasured heirloom for years to come.
That I was fortunate enough to find you, Gayle,
and now be the proud owner of your 1st edition of “Scolding Marcella” is truly an honor and a blessing to me.
The workmanship you used in creating her and your attention to every detail is truly amazing
and unmatched in the doll world and I have been a collector for more than fifty years.
With the addition of this beautiful Marcella doll I can truly feel that my “Raggedy” collection is now complete.

I simply can’t thank you enough for all the love and tremendous artistic talent you put forth in creating ”Scolding Marcella” #1.
You can be assured she will always be respected for the “work of art” that she is
and she will be loved beyond measure. Again, thank you with all my heart, and my very best “Raggedy Wishes” to you and yours always,
Kris Alexander

To View pictures of "Scolding Marcella" Click Here !

Date:March 26,2012
Name:M. Stanley
Marcella is absolutely exquisite and so life-like!
What a beautiful treasure you have created.
Somehow the colors seems representative of the time period which adds to her charm
- as she is scolding Raggedy Ann,
all of it seems as if you have captured a snapshot in time, a time long ago.
Isn't it amazing how our talents and our interests lead in new and remarkable directions.
And to have dolls that you have created throughout the world must make you feel so blessed.
The pleasure that they bring is a gift in itself.
You have a treasure with Marcella.

Date:March 27, 2012
Name:Ashley Landers
City & State:Allentown, PA
Dear Gayle,
Thank you SO much for our beautiful Raggedy Ann doll!
My mom ordered her for my daughter's first birthday, and she arrived
just a few days before the big event!
Thank you for working hard to make and ship her so quickly!
Raggedy Ann is so cute! My daughter just loves her, as
she gives her a big hug and kiss every morning :) Thanks again!
Ashley Landers

Date:April 1, 2012
Name:Janine Caldwell
City & State:Gap, PA
My granddaughter met her “Big Sister Raggedy Ann” yesterday!
Raggedy Ann looks beautiful in all the pictures of them reading books and
having tea parties together! We can’t wait to meet her in person this weekend
when we visit!
Thank you Gayle for going above and beyond customer satisfaction,
you truly were wonderful to work with and made the web purchase painless…..
A very satisfied customer!

Date:April 2, 2012
City & State:Balboa Island
The dolls that arrived today were just as splendid as the one before.
The children will treasure them.
Thank you for your kind and personal service!
Balboa Island

Date:April 24, 2012
Name:Rick Jewell
City & State:Monte Rio, CA
Just got back from visiting my family on the eastcoast.
I finally got to see the Raggedy Ann doll you made for my great-niece, Abby,
you do beautiful work, she is so cute and well made.
Almost as big as Abby, she has a new friend and bunk mate.
Thanks Gayle for sharing your wonderful talent.
Rick Jewell
Monte Rio, CA

Date:May 3, 2012
Name:Ben Buller
City & State:Lake Charles, LA
I cannot thank you enough for the Doll that you did for me, she is everything that you said she would be.
My girlfriend will be so excited when she sees her 6’ Raggedy Ann Doll,
she is precious and cannot wait to join her other sisters in my girlfriends collection;
she will be a great addition to her collection.

Thank you so much for working so hard and making sure that I received her in a timely manner.
The quality of work is more than I imagined and I can see that you take Raggedy Ann very seriously and
I will highly recommend you to others who might want to experience the pleasure of owning such a doll.

To finally find someone of your caliber that would take the undertaking that you did in making the 6’ Doll for me
was a joy and then to finally receive her and see her with my own eyes is something that is too hard to explain.
She does fill up a bed and does not leave much room for anything else.
Thank you once again for doing what you did.

Date:August 9, 2012
City & State:Margate, New Jersey
My Dutch twins sit on a Hindelooper chair bought many years ago on a trip to the Netherlands.
I made Frederika a beaded necklace, featuring coral beads and a Dutch coin charm.
Henny will have to manage with only his own charm.
They are in the living room.
Upstairs my sleeping Raggedies adorn our bed.
They don't move around in the daytime unless the cats vie for their space.
At night they have a cozy chair to sleep in.
They certainly add to whatever it is that makes a house a home.
Margate, New Jersey

Date:August 31, 2012
& State:Illinois
Just a note to let you know that my Maizie Moo Cow arrived today. She is so awesome! I love her and she is sewn so well.
She is already sitting on a shelf in my bedroom with some other raggedy's.

She is truly adorable. Thanks for the quick shipping.

Date:October 2, 2012
Name:Pat Earle
& State:CA
Just received my order. And I could’nt be happier.
“Myrtle” is all I had hoped she would be.
As I told you when I placed the order, my granddaughter is brand new [3mos.] and I am old [75yrs.].
I want her to always remember how much I loved her [embroiderd in her heart] “Myrtle” can whisper It in her ear!.
The customized work is perfect[brown hair, blue eyes].
She even looks like our “Sassi Cassi’’
Gayle, you are so very easy to work with, if I lived closer I’d drop over for tea and cookies[homemade by me , of course]
.But you live way out of my zipcode.
Thank you from a very delighted grandma Pat Earle

Date:February 25, 2013
& State:CO
I love my two unique 36" dolls created especially for me.
There is high attention to detail in the fabric, faces and hair styles.
Excellent communication by Gayle and also doll were well packaged.

(Part II) Hi, I just wanted to say that I just rec'd my special Ann's whom are both unique.
I had to go out and check my porch after checking delivery status because initially when I arrived home from work today there was no package to be seen.

Any way, I appreciate that they were well packaged and in bags in case the weather was bad (they would remain dry).
I do appreciate everything you have done in emails so I would get what I had pictured in my mind.
I am very happy that the loops are around the entire head and the color is beautiful
and on the other wig style in orange I really love that shade. Thank you very much!!
-- Kattrina

Date:March 7,2013
City:Paris, TN

Date:March 22, 2013
& State:CO
Received two custom 36" Raggedy Ann dolls as well as a custom 36" Beloved Belindy doll.
Excellent communication and special care taken for each doll!
Much appreciation . .. -- Kattrina

Date:March 26,2013
Name:Francis Wood
New York
Good Morning
Just received my Raggety Ann Doll in the mail. What a nice job.
No doubt it will be a hit at the shower for my first granddaughter!
Thank you very much for such an excellent job.
Francis Wood

Date:April 19,2013
Name:Christine Ingrassia
New York

I was very pleased with my special order. My daughter had a Raggedy Ann from my mother that she simply loved to death-
it was literally falling apart. Gayle was so helpful and kept me informed along the way.
She made me an exact match of the original doll and my daughter was so happy! The workmanship was exceptional, the price great
and it did not take long at all. It made me so happy to see my daughter loving her new Raggedy Ann.
I would recommend this site to anyone looking for that special raggedy! You will not be disappointed!

Date:May 8,2013
Joplin, MO
Hi Gayle. Justin from Joplin, MO here. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your site.
You have an incredible talent. Your dolls have so much personality. I am kind of new to the raggedy collecting world,
but will be saving up for one of your beautiful sets. Thanks for sharing your art with all of us! :)