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Not So Raggedy AcresTM
by Gayle Garbarino

~ Heirloom Quality Collectible Treasures ~

~ ~ ~ Doll Chronology ~ ~ ~
~ A History of Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy Dolls ~
***Plus*** Other Johnny Gruelle Character Dolls

1915 To Present

"Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy "....... JOHNNY GRUELLE'S FAMOUS STORIES OF THESE LOVABLE DOLLS ......HAVE AMUSED AND FASCINATED MILLIONS OF CHILDREN AND RAGGEDY LOVERS AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO AS LONG AS IMAGINATION REMAINS ALIVE !!!......THE "DOLLS" ANN AND HER LONG-LOST-BROTHER ANDY HAVE TRULY CREATED MILLIONS OF RAGGEDY LOVERS WORLD WIDE !A Variety of Companies have manufactured these dolls.......and many Raggedy "Look-Alikes" could also be found.....I hope you will enjoy the history of the manufacturing of the Raggedies as much as I do!! And I hope you will take the time to visit my Gallery and individual pages of my own "Reproduction" Raggedies...To purchase visit my Dolls For Sale page.......WHY NOT COLLECT THEM ALL??? For More Information....e-Mail "Gayle" "Click Here!"

~ Brought to you by Doll Artist~Designer ~

~ Gayle Garbarino ~

For Your Enjoyment & For Comparison to my Reproduction Dolls

Each Heirloom Quality Not So Raggedy AcresTM Collectible Treasure is signed and dated on it's little "tush", and comes with my handmade,dated and numbered body-label sewn into the side seam..... and a signed heart-shaped hang tag (Making them more desirable as collectible heirlooms).


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 Year                   Company                  Size/s                 Doll Characteristics                 

Steinhardt & Bro.

 18", Large (size unspecified) " Mr. Twee Deedle " felt body with composition head; cloth trademark tag


 14" & 20" " Mr. Twee Deedle " All felt with center-seamed face. Only a prototype is documented for the 20" doll.
 1915  P.F Volland  n/a Raggedy Ann " Trademark " ( no dolls known)
 1918-1919  P.F. Volland  15-18" Raggedy Ann -"Cottage" dolls - hand painted shoes and faces - feet point sideways. Black shoebutton eyes.
 1920-26  P.F. Volland  15-16" Raggedy Ann - " Patent " stamped dolls - machine stamped faces. Pear shaped heads and necks were long.
 1920-27  P.F. Volland  16" Raggedy Andy - Large hands and heads."Cresent Smile" . Made to look more masculine than Ann.
 1920-28  P.F. Volland  30-36" Anns (1924-25 and 1928 line smiles and outline noses - Andys (1920-21) hand painted faces, line smiles and no outline on their noses - 1924-25 and 1928 cresent smiles  no outline on nose. Often referred to as " Oversized " dolls.

P. F. Volland
(Ross & Ross)

12" " Little Brown Bear " Plush head &paws; felt pants; cloth trademark tag.

Woman's World
(Ross & Ross)

10" " Johnny Mouse " Felt & cotton: sewn-on clothing with a string tail.

P. F. Volland
(Ross & Ross)

14" " Eddie Elephant " Felt and cotton; made to stand; hand-painted face, flat-bottomed feet; with cloth trademark tag.

P. F. Volland
(Ross & Ross)

12" " Sunny Bunny " V-shaped stitched nose; brown plush head and paws with red felt pants, green felt vest/coat; no top hat documented; cloth trademark tag.
 1926-33  P.F. Volland  15" Beloved Belindy
 1920's  P.F. Volland  14-16" " Single Eyelash " Ann and Andys
Late 1920's Early 1930's  P.F. Volland  15-16" The " Transitional " Ann heavily blushed cheeks - line smile, unoutlined nose....Andy heavy eyebrows and unoutlined nose and nose becomes a bit wider. Faces are rounder. Loses a few lower lashes. Not yet matched sets.
 1931-33  P.F. Volland  14-15" " Finale " Last Ann/Andy dolls produced by Volland -paper hang tags - Ann has outline nose Andy has no outline - Andy shirt changes to gingham during this period...First matched sets.

P. F. Volland

12" " Little Brown Bear " Felt head ,paws & feet; fabricpants;no cloth bodytag.

P. F. Volland

11" " Eddie Elephant " Felt & cotton; made to sit; with center-seamed feet; sewn & embroidered facial features ; no cloth bodytag.

P. F. Volland

12" " Sunny Bunny " Horizontal stitched nose with auburn plush head & paws; green cotton pants with red felt coat, yellow felt vest & black top hat; no cloth tag

P. F. Volland

15-16" " Percy Policeman" Center-seamed face; same body as Uncle Clem, with felt-backed shoe-button eyes ; no cloth bodytag.

P. F. Volland

15-16" " Uncle Clem "Center-seamed face; same body as Percy Policeman - with felt-backed shoe-button eyes ; no cloth bodytag.tag.

P. F. Volland

17" " Pirate Chieftan "- center-seamed face, with long nose, yarn beard and small shoe-button eyes ; no cloth bodytag.

P. F. Volland

15" " Eddie Elf " Flat felt head, small shoe-button eyes; pink felt hat and shoes, gold felt jacket ; no cloth bodytag.
 1935-36 Exposition Doll and Toy Company  18"

EXPOSITION ANN -Only made an Ann with a silk screen face - dark magenta hair - felt shoes

 1935-1937 Molly-'Es Doll Outfitters  18-22"

Unlicensed production 

Made both Ann and Andy that looked alike. silk screen faces different color striped legs with blue feet

 1935-37 Molly-'Es Doll Outfitters  14" Smaller versions of above dolls called Mollye Babies. Hair only along seam of head. Back of head was fabric.
  1935-1937   Molly-'Es Doll Outfitters   size unknown  Beloved Belindy(only prototype documented)
 1930s-1950s  American Toy and Novelty Mfg. Co  15-16" Ann and Andy look alike called Buddy and Sis, Hugable Nursery Pets. Oil cloth faces. (see pics)
1938-early 40s Georgene Novelties  19", 23", 31"

Ann and Andy - Black outline long red noses, wool yarn wigs - outfits are closed with small gold safety pin and have metal buttons on Andys pants and Anns apron. Black shoe button eyes. Seam up the back of body. Looked identical

Transition Ann and Andy - Hard to find. Similar to dolls above, but noses not outlined. Andy has white collar and gets buttons on his shirt. Wigs are made of cotton.

 1939-late 40's Georgene Novelties  
Beloved Belindy with outlined nose. Medium to dark-brown; Red shoes, blouse, bandana; four buttons on blouse; had white dots during WWII;company markings on back of head or on it'sbottom.
 1940-46 Georgene Novelties  13" Awake Asleep Ann and Andy. One side of doll has an awake face and the other side is asleep. Their noses were outlined until 1944.
 1941-early 1950's  

Georgene Novelties

 10 " " Camel w/Wrinkled Knees " - Light-brown felted flannel; made to stand; celluloid "googly eyes"; with yellow/blue/red blanket; white tin buttons; no company markings.
 1943-46 Georgene Novelties  19", 23", 31" Wartime Ann and Andy - No outline on nose. All different prints of fabrics used on feet. Identical faces on both Ann and Andy.
 Later 1940s Georgene Novelties  
( "Little" Belindy)
Beloved Belindy - Light colored brown body. Nose is outlined. Button eyes. Side facing feet; Unmarked (no tags or stamp)
 1946-1950 Georgene Novelties

 15", 19", 23",   31"

Postwar/Silsby Ann and Andy - Silsby printed on tag. Identical faces.  It is imperative to note that not all dolls made during this period had Silsby tags.  What makes a doll a Silsby is only the tag.
 1940's-50's Georgene Novelties  
Beloved Belindy - Boxy little feet facing the front instead of to the sides as previous Belindys. Un-outlined nose; Medium colored brown body.  Red blouse, shoes,bandana; two snaps on front of blouse(one on collar )shirt-button eyes;No marks on doll.
 1950's-60's Georgene Novelties 15", 19", 23", 31", 48", 50", 52" Ann and Andy - Metal eyes, except for  larger dolls who had plastic eyes. Facial designs varied. Wigs are now glued to head. Ann and Andy had identical designs.
 1962-1963 Georgene Novelties  19", 23", 31"

Ann and Andy - stamped tags . Facial designs varied.

Final year for Georgenes!


Knickerbocker Toy Company

Joy of the Toy, NY tags

 15", 20"

Ann and Andy- Joy of the Toy, New York tags -no rouge on cheeks. Hair  a rusty color like Georgenes. Noses and mouths lose the curve Georgenes had and eye brows become thicker.

Ann's dress  had different fabric variations. Andy also had a few different variations on his shirt. Dolls with these variations are extremely hard to find today.

Dolls during this period were also made with a windup music box placed inside the doll.


Knickerbocker Toy Company

 15"  Beloved Belindy - medium brown body; red shoes & (uniquely attached) red bandana; polka-dot dress yellow with white polka-dots skirt & red with white polka-dots for the bodice and sleeves; white apron trimmed & tied with green bias; white pantaloons. Four versions were made, the most popular being the side-glancing eyes.

Knickerbocker Toy Company

 Still Researching  

Too numerous to list them all here.


Knickerbocker Toy Company

 10 1/2"  Raggedy Arthur the very sought after Yellow Dog- made of a bright yellow synthetic velveteen fabric ; yellow looped ears under a tuft of red yarn hair; a red looped tail and a green patch on his little "bum". He wore a black felt collar with a little green felt "button" dog tag. His adorable facial features included small black button eyes; black stitched doggy grin, and a big black nose.
 1983-2005  Applause Co. and Hasbro Co.  Still Researching  Too numerous to list them all here
 2005-Present  Russ Berrie    

Each Heirloom Quality Not So Raggedy AcresTM Collectible Treasure is signed and dated on it's little "tush", and comes with my handmade,dated and numbered body-label sewn into the side seam..... and a hand-made heart-shaped hang tag (Making them more desirable as collectible heirlooms).

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